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So I’ve entered the Little White Dress contest at Pattern Review. The idea is to make a dress that is as versatile as a Little Black Dress, but in white for summer. January feels like an odd time to be making a summer dress, but it seems there are quite a few members on the Pattern Review website from the southern hemisphere, and it’s high summer there. So they are sewing for now, and we northern girls are sewing for later. Nice to get a jump on my warm-weather wardrobe anyway.

Well here it is. TA-DAAAA! I started off with a basic sloper that I had drafted a long time ago, but I quickly discovered that it was a TERRIBLE pattern! The darts were just all wrong. I spent a couple of days just re-drafting and re-muslining the bodice. Ptttth! I finally got it to the point where I can live with it, but I think a princess line suits my figure much better, and I will probably do that from now on. Once the darts were sorted out I lowered the back neckline and draped a collar. Not quite sure what to call this collar — it’s sort of a backwards low-neck collar with a stand in the front and collar points in the back. I think it looks kinda retro.


I’m a little embarrassed to include this pic because as you can see, the collar needs to be adjusted — but y’know what? It’s HARD to take a selfie from the back! Oh, and speaking of the pics — sorry for the lame bedroom background, but another thing about making a white dress in January: it isn’t going to photograph well in the snow, not to mention I’d look stupid with frostbitten blue skin.


I like the knife-pleated skirt too — but does it make it look like a tennis dress? Oh well.

The rules of the contest are that I have to submit three pictures to demonstrate the dress’s versatility — one showing it with no accessories, one showing it accessorized for evening, and one showing it accessorized for daytime. Here’s my evening look:


(Did I mention that I feel ridiculous posing for my own pictures?)

And here’s a day look:


(Still feeling ridiculous)

And here’s another day look:


TJ thinks this will be a fine dress for throwing tennis balls and sticks!