Hello Everyone! Did you think I had forgotten all about you and Her Fine Hand? Not a bit! It’s just that I’ve been away. I won’t say precisely where, but let’s just say it involved wide-brim hats and SPF 50+. And maybe some coconut rum. Ahhh! Vacation!!

But here I am, back in cold (but mercifully sunny) Richmond, Virginia, and back to my real life. Want to see what I traveled in?


For real! I actually navigated airports and security lines and baggage claim and everything in these heels, both ways. Crazy? Maybe. Okay, probably. But I really, really love them and ooooooh, I got SO many compliments! It was worth the one little blister I ended up with. And bear in mind, I am a woman of many talents. Very few of them have actual real-world practical value, of course. But I one of them, I have to say, is walking in stupidly high heels. So that’s what I did. Dearly Beloved approved.

This was supposed to be my entry in Week 3 of the Project Sewn challenge: “If The Shoe Fits.” The idea was to make an outfit inspired by a pair of shoes. I found these babies (on sale!) in February and fell in love. So many colors — such sass! They were meant to be mine. This dress is just the first of what I think will be several fun outfits to wear with them. I almost got it done in time to submit it to Project Sewn — but alas, not quite. But here it is anyway. It looks pink in the photo but it’s really a vibrant coral. I piped it in mint green. Both colors are exact matches for colors in the shoes. It wasn’t until I was nearly through with the dress that I realized I was going to look like a giant walking slice of watermelon — Hah! All I need is some black beads or buttons or something!

Dearly Beloved was a little dubious at first. He thought the solid color was a little bit boring — but then I turned around: Surprise!


How much fun is THAT? This McCall’s #6887, and would you believe the front of the pattern envelope doesn’t even show this feature? The photo on the envelope is this:


I mean, there’s nothing wrong with it, but what a snooze! It’s just another princess-line dress. You have to look at the line drawings on the back of the envelope to see that it’s got that totally adorable cutout on the back! Was McCall’s trying to keep it a secret or something? Well McCall’s, I am outing you! This is a wonderful pattern. And it went together like a dream. I took a little bit of a chance and did it without a muslin, which turned out to be no problem. The pattern includes separate pieces for cup sizes A – D, and using the full skirt option pretty much eliminated any other fitting issues. I did take several inches off the length. Oh, and I added pockets! What’s a full skirt without pockets?


This is the kind of dress that makes me want to be all happy and silly:


And look — another fun lining!


Oh come on summer — I want to prance around in my watermelon dress!