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Hello Everyone! I’ve been away for sooooo long. Last time I posted spring was just springing. Now it’s high summer and HOT! The mercury hit 95 today in Richmond. My garden is in full bloom. Don’t you love the addition of TJ’s blue toy on the edge of the walkway? I just think the contrast with the pink flowers is so striking. Quite the artistic eye my TJ has.

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My Monarda is tall and fat and healthy this year. It’s easy to see why it’s called Bee Balm. There were at least 6 big bumblebees buzzing around in it when I was out taking pictures today. I always address them as Babbity Bumble (but they never answer).

photo 10

And here we have some very happy mint threatening to overcome the poor defenseless Mandevilla. It’s clear I must get out there and discipline the bully. And I know the best way to do that!



Anyway, the reason I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for such a long time is most emphatically NOT because I haven’t been busy! I costumed Richmond Shakespeare/Henley Street Theatre‘s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream last month. It was part of the annual Richmond Shakespeare Festival at Agecroft Hall. For those of my readers who are not from Richmond, I should explain that Agecroft Hall was built in Lancashire, England in the late 15th century, and dismantled, crated, shipped to Richmond, and rebuilt in the 1920s. It’s a truly magical place to perform Shakespeare’s plays — and this was especially true for this production, because it was firefly season, and they came right up onto the outdoor stage while the play was being performed! Anyway, it was a BIG show and I was brought onto the production team only about a month before it opened, so it took up all my time and energy. But it’s a show I’ve always wanted to do, and the results were pretty good. My favorite part was the fairies’ wings:


These were some very active, athletic fairies whose movements included climbing in and out of a big tree which was part of the set. Pretty, dainty little traditional wings attached to their backs were out of the question! Instead, the wings were attached to their arms and sides. The actors could spread or fold the wings as the situation dictated. Perhaps I’ll do a post about how I built them some day. I really was pleased with them! (And if you are in Richmond, this weekend is your last chance to see it — which I highly recommend.)

Oh, and after I finished Midsummer, I built some costumes for another Richmond Shakespeare production: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged), which was performed at Dogwood Dell last weekend. (What is it with these outdoor performances in the sweltering heat?)

Complete Works costumes

And now I’ve agreed to build some for the NEXT production, Richard III!

So yeah, I’ve been busy.

I actually HAVE managed to sew some summer clothes for myself too (out of necessity — I had nothing to wear!) but since this post is already pretty long, I’ll save them for another day.

Ta-ta darlings! I’ll try to be more regular for a while!