Okay, so I said I had managed to make some summer clothes for myself — but I haven’t posted any of them. Hmmm, you may be asking yourself, why is that? Or I suppose it’s also possible you aren’t wondering any such thing. Too bad — I’m going to tell you anyway. The main reason is, I HATE taking pictures of myself! I kept thinking that I really OUGHT to post something. Really. I should. I started this blog. Blogs need content. It seems unlikely Her Fine Hand is going to self-generate content. Ergo, I really OUGHT to post something. Oh, but my hair looks awful today! Getting the tripod set up is such a hassle! And I always make such stupid faces! I HATE taking pictures of myself!!! And so it went. I was just on the verge of calling the whole blog off, when Arabella and Spike volunteered to help out. I was so grateful — I just love those girls. Always so patient and helpful. They’ll just stand there ALL DAY without complaining if I need them to.

Wait — I HAVE introduced you to the girls, haven’t I? No? Really, no??? Oh heavens, where are my manners?

photo 22

Please meet my assistants, Mimi, Spike, and Arabella. (They like to take the air in the garden when the weather is fine. They do it naked.). Spike, in the middle, has been with me the longest. She arrived with various pads that could be inserted under her stretchy cover, and at one time she and I were near-perfect twins, shape-wise speaking. Sadly, I have um, shall we say matured a bit since then, while she has retained her youthful figure (which doesn’t seem at all fair since she NEVER goes to the gym). Arabella came next. I acquired her when I was studying fashion design at VCU and was required to purchase a standard size 10 dress form.  Mimi was a gift from Dearly Beloved when I was trying to make a go of a dressmaking business and needed a greater range of sizes for fitting. For the most part, one of the three of them is reasonably close to the size and proportions of whomever I am trying to fit. (I fit right in between Spike and Arabella.)

Anyway, Spike and Arabella volunteered to model my latest makes so I could actually post them. (Arabella has asked me to mention that a dress form size 10 is not the same size as a RTW size 10. I have no idea why she thought that was important to mention . . . . wink-emoticon)

So, here are some of the latest additions to my summer wardrobe:

photo 20b

You know how every list of things that “Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet” always includes a “classic white shirt”? Well, I’ve never been a “classic white shirt” kind of girl. But it occurred to me that perhaps that was because most classic white shirts just never fit me very well. So I decided to try making my own. Having learned my lesson from my Little White Dress in January, I went with a princess line pattern (B5526), and after some fiddling I am reasonably pleased with the fit. So now I have a classic white shirt. Well, except for the buttons. I love them — like little hazard warnings or something!

photo 20a

Here is the skirt I made to wear with it — it has turned out to be a real star, because all the colors mean I can wear lots of different tops with it:

photo 20c

(I know — it’s wrinkled. I had to fish it out of the laundry hamper to photograph it! Hah!)


photo 19photo 17photo 16photo 15photo 23

Clearly I was in the mood for lots of color when I was making these things!

The green shirt is from the same pattern as the white one.The flowered straight skirts are from B5466, and the blue cowl top is from M6078 (which is now out of print). The yellow flowered dress is from M6887 — the same as my watermelon dress from March, only without the cutout in the back. And the white knit dress is from a pattern I drafted myself years ago. I considered posting more information about the patterns, fitting, etc., except that I am not sure if anyone who reads this blog is actually a sewer. It may just be family and friends. So if you read this and you are interested in sewing details, would you please let me know? My original reason for starting this blog was to make contact with other creative types, but I’m not sure I’ve actually accomplished that.