Hey, guess what? I’m famous! Yes, it’s true. Or at least I’m about to be. As soon as the next issue of Altered Couture magazine hits the shelves I expect my life will no longer be my own. Paparazzi, interview requests, free travel, endorsement opportunities . . . Ah yes, but I will be gracious and real. I will not allow my celebrity to turn my head and change me. I vow to keep my private life private and protect my friends and family from the intrusive curiosity of the public . . .


Wait, what? You don’t know Altered Couture? You don’t eagerly look for each new issue to appear, anxiously awaiting all the inspirational new projects it showcases? But, but . . . . it’s all about projects where people alter or embellish old clothes to make them new again! How can you not have heard of it? I thought this was the sort of thing that fascinates EVERYONE!


Oh well. Looks like I might have to wait a while for the whole celebrity thing to happen. But anyway, I really am about to be published. The new issue comes out on November 1, and one of my projects is in it. They did a 4-page spread! The publisher sent me an advance copy. Want a sneak peek?


There. Don’t you feel like you’re in the know? See? It’s really me!

photo 3

So this project was my response to a challenge called “Work to Whenever.” The idea was to take some sort of “work” clothing and make it suitable for some other sort of occasion. I used a wool tweed jacket I found in a thrift store, switched out the sleeves, added a hood, and changed the buttons to make it more colorful and playful. Here are the jacket I started with and the sweater I used for the sleeves and hood:

photo 1 photo 2

Both of them are pretty grim, huh? You can kinda see the finished project in the photos from the magazine, but unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of it to share here. I did it as kind of a lark just before the deadline, and just packed it up and sent it off when I was done. If you really want to see it, you’ll just have to buy the magazine. (Should you actually want to do that, I know you can usually find it at Joanne Fabrics, and I think you can sometimes find it at Barnes and Noble.) Or, if you don’t want to buy the magazine, you can just bask in the happy knowledge that you know someone who is (almost) famous.