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photo 8

Hello everyone! Today I want to share another of my favorite pieces from the past. Like the black and white “kinetic dress”, this was from a period when I was very focused on cocktail dresses, eveningwear, and beading.

The fabric of this one is soooooo beautiful! It is an iridescent orange/pink silk damask. The colors just glow! I beaded it primarily in pink, with iridescent accent beads for a little extra sparkle.

photo 4

The design was strongly influenced by the Art Deco style. Diagonal lines and diamond motifs were very popular during the 1920s. I am pretty sure the diamond motifs on the front were influenced by a specific fashion illustration from the 1920s, but I have looked through my reference materials and I can’t find it to show you. Sorry about that!

I absolutely loved doing the beading. I had already been experimenting with beaded seams, like this:

photo 5a

With this dress I took it further. I created beaded netting for the godets in the skirt:

photo 7a

And filled in the diamond motifs with more beads:

photo 5

Like the black and white dress, this is one I have never worn. When I designed it, I thought I would wear it, and I did make a muslin that fit perfectly. But the finished dress ended up not fitting me very well after all. This was both because the diamond motifs didn’t come out precisely the same size as I intended, and because I had to line the components that were to be beaded together before doing the beading, and thus was unable to fit it during construction. But, also like the black and white dress, I was able to use it during Virginia Fashion Week:


I really love this dress. Sharing it with you here has reminded me of how much I enjoyed the design process. Maybe I will return to the idea of using beads as an integral part of a garment instead of mere embellishment. What do you think?