Hello again! How is your 2015 going so far? Mine is just deeeeee-lightful! What with the frigid (for Richmond) temperatures and generally gloomy skies, I have been spending a lot of time cocooning at home. And I have remained focused on artwork, which is making me one very happy girl. I’ve made a point of drawing and/or painting every single day! Right now my goal is to develop my skill in watercolor and find my own style, rather than produce finished paintings, so all I have to share are practice pieces, but I am enjoying the process and I think I am learning a little bit with each one. I bought a small (6×12″) watercolor notebook, which is just right for daily studies. What do you think of my lemon? I really struggled to get the citrus texture!


So I’ve been spending some time on a website I found called Daily Paintworks. You should take a look some time — there are thousands of beautiful pieces of art, mostly smaller works, and they are really, really affordably priced. I check in almost every day to admire the new paintings that have been posted. In addition to the work that is for sale, Daily Paintworks also runs weekly challenges, where artists can respond with their own interpretations to a prompt. The first one I entered was “Beside Your Easel.” And what is invariably beside my easel? TJ! But I knew I had to work fast, because there was no telling when he would change positions — so here is a quick and very loose sketch for which he graciously posed for about 30 minutes:


This week’s challenge was a reference photo of a floral still life. Still lifes in general, and florals in particular, don’t excite me very much, but since the whole point is to learn rather than make finished pieces, I went ahead and tried it, again in my small notebook. The whole painting is only 6×9″, and you can see that I didn’t lay out the composition as successfully as I might have! Also, Dearly Beloved and I are getting ready to do some traveling, so I also used this as an opportunity to try out a teeny-tiny travel watercolor set to see if I can minimize the paraphernalia I will need to take with me in order to keep working while we are gone. It has twelve teeny-tiny little cakes of student-grade colors and three teeny-tiny divisions for color mixing and an eensy-weensy, teeny-tiny little brush. You should see it — The whole thing is just adorable! Anyway, here’s the result of the experiment. Given the limitations, I don’t consider this a total fail, but I definitely don’t think I will be depending on the travel set for my vacation (nor will I be specializing in floral still lifes)!


So ta-ta until next time!