FullSizeRender3Okay, so you remember Bernard, right? From my last post? Waaaaaaaaaay back when? Yeah, I know. I’m not so good at this whole keeping-up-with-the-blog thing. But anyway, I introduced you to Bernard back in December when I had just discovered that I wanted to try making an art doll. I sculpted his head, hands, and feet from polymer clay. His body is a wire armature covered by knit fabric stuffed with polyfil.

FullSizeRender (7)Well, I pretty much fell in love with Bernard and with the whole process of making him. And as I said then, I wanted to try making another one. So I did. . . .

And lo, The Baroness was brought forth!

IMG_2171 (1)

Like Bernard, she’s from the 18th century, but unlike him she has human proportions (and human ears!) She’s a French aristocrat — very wealthy and spoiled. She was quite the coquette in her youth, and she still believes she is very beautiful. And guess what? Her many admirers, of all ages and both genders, all think she is very beautiful also!

IMG_2171 (2)See how artfully she employs her fan?


I really enjoyed making her gown and accessories. Doing the research made me want to watch Dangerous Liaisons again. Lordy, those costumes!


still-of-glenn-close-in-dangerous-liaisons-1988-large-pictureAh, sigh.

Now, The Baroness may be less elaborate, but my dears, she is nevertheless quite stylish. Look! She wears une robe à la française, with “Watteau” pleats in the back!

IMG_2176 (1)

And her hair is dressed à la hedgehog (which is an actual historical style)!


So there you have her. My second art doll. I enjoyed making The Baroness as much as I did Bernard. And after that, I was off and running! Tune in next time for my third little friend, March!