Hello again darlings! What do you think? TWO posts within a single week! Amazing! But I just couldn’t wait to introduce you to my third new friend, March!

March is more or less a nature spirit — a visual metaphor, if you will. She represents the month of March. See how cold and wintry everything is at her feet? Oooh, those poor little cold feet! (but it’s okay — she’s a nature spirit, not a real person — she doesn’t mind, I promise!)


This was the first time I really focused on the base for my doll. Bernard sits on a shelf, and The Baroness stands on a plain wood base. This time I wanted to evoke an environment. You know how everything is just cold and gray and icky and muddy by the end of winter, and you just feel like spring is never going to get here? That’s what I was going for.

IMG_2348 (1)

But March only begins that way. As you go along, signs of spring really do start to appear. See how the mud on her skirt begins to dry, and little bits of pale green foliage begin to emerge?

IMG_2348 (3)

And then — leaves, and blossoms:

IMG_2355 (1)

And a sure sign that spring has truly arrived: a bluebird!



March seems a little surprised, doesn’t she?

I wanted to give the impression that there was a brisk spring breeze, so I stiffened her gown at the bottom. I think it worked pretty well.


So now you’ve met March, my third art doll!

This was my first attempt at making a “pretty lady” doll. I have to admit I’m not entirely satisfied. I think her face and hands could definitely have been more refined, and the pose is a little bit static. But I remind myself that I’m still a beginner. It’s all a wonderful journey.

Until next time darlings — love to you all! Ta ta!