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Hello again everyone! Ready to meet my next new friend? Actually, there are two of them: Cedrick and Hasenpfeffer. They’re so happy to be out walking together on a fine summer morning!

Cedrick is a medieval dandy. See his parti-color stockings? And the oh-so-stylish pointed toes on his shoes?


Would you look at that expensive medallion? And my dear, aren’t the hanging sleeves on his silken tunic just to die for?


And he’s gone and braided silk scarves over the chaperon and liripipe on his head! Look, the liripipe is so long he’s tucked it into his belt!

chaoeron and liripipe

Quite the popinjay, that Cedrick.

Hasenpfeffer doesn’t care about fashion, though. He’s just happy to be out for a walk.

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(I have no idea what kind of a beast Hasenpfeffer is. Nor do I know why Cedrick named him something so hard to spell!)

I was so pleased with this piece when I finished it. I enjoyed making the base, with its dirt path and little summer flowers.

But uh-oh. Guess what? Cedrick taught me something really important. See this?


It’s a crack in the clay at his ankle. Turns out I didn’t make his internal wire armature strong enough to support him — especially since he was balancing on one leg. After I finished him, Cedrick began to lean over. More and more and more. And the crack got worse and worse. Until it was a complete break.


And poor Cedrick looked like he’d had w-a-a-a-a-a-y too many at the village tavern.

IMG_2509Oh Cedrick, I’m sorry. I feel terrible.

So I put his other leg under him, and now he stands up straight again (more or less). And judging from his expression, he seems to have retained his happy outlook on life.


But his poor ankle is still broken.

So since then, I’ve been making my armatures much, much stronger!