So here is Aloysius.

front view

And I have a confession: I have no idea what he is thinking. Isn’t it funny how I make these little people, and then sometimes I don’t know things about them? I mean, it’s like having children. They come from your body, you think you know all about them, and then they learn to talk and one day out comes some idea that YOU never put in their heads! And then they start developing all sorts of thoughts and notions and observations of their own, and the NEXT thing you know they’re fully-fledged adults. And off they go, having issues and ambitions and lives of their own. I mean, really!

No, wait, how did I get off on that tangent? I meant to be telling you about Aloysius. Oh by the way, you do know how to pronounce Aloysius, don’t you? It’s Al-Oh-WISH-Us. Which is funny, because when you look at the letters it doesn’t seem like it would be pronounced that way. It looks like it should be Ah-LOY-See-Us. Or maybe Ah-LOY-Shus. But it’s Al-Oh-WISH-Us. I mean, it’s like Sean. THAT looks like it should be pronounced the same way as “seen.” But it’s not. And then there’s Wednesday. And February. And colonel. Seriously — why is it pronounced ker-nel, and not col-oh-nel? And asthma. And receipt. And miscellaneous. And hyperbole. Don’t even get me STARTED on hyperbole!

No, no wait! I really did mean to be telling you about Aloysius. But my thoughts kept wandering off in different directions. So anyway, he was another intuitive one, like Bernard. I didn’t really have a particular image in my head when I started sculpting. I just kinda let him emerge. He has really big feet because I was hoping he would be able to stand on his own, but he’s just too top-heavy, so I ended up having to attach him to a stand.


His hands are clasped behind his back, which made costuming him pretty challenging, because I had to construct his clothes right on his body. Obviously, he couldn’t put his arms through the sleeves, right?

back view

And he came out looking all dreamy, like he’s wishing for something. Or maybe he’s remembering something nice. Or I don’t know — maybe he’s just letting his thoughts wander.


Which is a really strange phrase, when you stop to think about it. Letting one’s thoughts wander. Like they’re separate from one’s self and can just move around at will. I mean, thoughts originate in your head, right? So how could they just wander off? Where would they go? It’s not like they’re livestock. It makes sense that a cow or something might wander off . . . the cow might be looking for food . . . which reminds me, I need to go to the grocery store  . . . I wonder what we should have for dinner tonight . . .  maybe spaghetti . . .  now see? Spaghetti’s another weird word . . .