Hello again! Want to meet Griselda? She comes from an old nursery rhyme.

There was an old woman . . . .


Tossed up in a basket . . .


Seventeen times as high as the moon!

And what she did there, I could not but ask it — for with her she carried a broom . . .

broom (1)

“Old woman, old woman, old woman,” said I, “Whither oh whither oh whither so high?”

“To sweep the cobwebs from the sky.”


“And I’ll be back again, by and by!”


I loved working on Griselda! She was so friendly and sweet and just seemed to want to come to life. I particularly enjoyed costuming her. Isn’t the fabric of her bodice and overskirt perfect for sky-sweeping? It looks like stars to me. (It used to be a necktie. I was so excited when I found it!)

And this was my first attempt at sculpting shoes. I thought they turned out pretty well!


Oh, and I made her basket too. I couldn’t find one that looked right and was small enough, so I used a little box. I glued pieces of bamboo skewers onto it and covered it with raffia. Boy did that take a long time! Who knew raffia and glue don’t play well together? But it was worth it. See? It’s not really a basket — it just looks like one from the outside.


Dearly Beloved says Griselda looks like Mother Goose, and I agree. She was clearly influenced by the cover of the Mother Goose book I had as a child. Which — now that I look at it as an adult — is kinda creepy. Mother Goose looks a lot like a witch. And I think she must have kidnapped that baby, which appears to be about to fall out of the basket! (And the goose doesn’t look all that happy either.)



Sheesh — I’m surprised I didn’t have nightmares. Maybe that’s why I’m afraid of heights to this day.

But Griselda would never kidnap a baby. She’s much too sweet. She just keeps things nice and tidy up in the sky.


Well that’s all for today, darlings. Ta-ta! See you next time, when I’ll bring along THREE new friends!