She should be studying. Cat knows that. She said she was going to the library, and really, she meant to go to the library. But somehow she ended up in this coffee shop instead. Of course, she could pretend she’s studying here. She could tell herself she’s writing her paper for Econ, that in just a minute she’s going to start working on it, that actually it’s better to work on it here and not get caught up in that jittery half-manic, half-despairing angst that pervades the library right about now every semester. In fact, she’ll probably do a better job on her paper now that she’s writing it in a coffee shop instead of in the library. She could tell herself that.

But she’s usually pretty honest, at least with herself, and she doesn’t tell herself any of this. The truth is the coffee’s better here than in the library cafe, and what she really feels like doing is zoning out on Facebook tonight.


She knows she’ll have to confess to Gabby later. “What were you thinking?” Gabby will wail. “Don’t you even want to do well in this class?” And Cat will hang her head and be regretful and promise not to blow off her work any more. But they both know she won’t be able to keep that promise. Because Gabby is the responsible one and Cat is the lazy one, and that’s the way it’s been the whole time they’ve been dating.


No, Gabby is definitely not going to be pleased. But a little smile is tugging at the corner of Cat’s mouth.


Because she also knows something else. She’s going to bring home some ice cream. Butter pecan, even though she really prefers mint chocolate chip. But butter pecan is Gabby’s favorite. And Cat knows exactly what’s going to happen. Gabby’s going to roll her eyes and give an exaggerated sigh. And then she’s going to smile. And Gabby’s smile is Cat’s favorite thing in the world.


And so, even though she really should be in the library studying, Cat’s just going to sit here for a while. And sip her coffee. And scroll through Facebook.