Well hello Darlings! I’ve been gone for ever so long. So long, in fact, that I’ll bet you’ve all forgotten me by now. . . . .

. . . . . Ohhhhhh, now I’m sad!

Allow me to re-introduce myself: Hello, it’s me!QE2

Okay, just kidding.

This is really me!


(With my friend, the Crooked Little Man. Remember him from way back when?)

So here’s what’s been going on: After my last post, when I introduced you to the contrary Miss Mary, I was feeling pretty good. I did Jack and Jill:


And for an online challenge, a flower fairy:


And then, as a gift for my mom, The Goose Girl, inspired by a Grimms’ fairy tale.

Goose Girl

(My mom loved her, which made me quite happy!)

Then I did one based on an Andersen’s fairy tale. This is the East Wind, who is flying through the air toward the Garden of Paradise, bearing a prince upon his back:


I thought that one came out pretty well too.

And then I fell off a cliff.

I’m not entirely sure what happened. I finished the East Wind at the end of October, then I went out of town for a couple of weeks, and then all of a sudden we were into the holidays and things got really busy. And then, in January, for some reason, when I went back into my studio, I was completely dry. I would try to create, and nothing would happen. It was awful. And it lasted for months. All artists go through dry spells, of course, and some are worse than others. This one was bad. I kept trying to find some inspiration, some spark. But nothing was happening.

Finally, in desperation, I did something a little crazy. I agreed to make something completely outside my wheelhouse. Two 4-foot tall trees. Seriously. A local charity wanted them as decorations for a fundraising gala and asked if I would be willing to make them. I had absolutely no idea how to make something on that scale, and I’m still not sure why I said yes, but I did. And it worked. Having a deadline and an obligation to someone else forced me to get to work. The process of searching visual images for inspiration — and even more importantly, figuring out the logistics of building the trees — unlocked my ability to create. The final product was . . . . fine, I guess. They were whimsical and colorful, and the folks producing the gala seemed happy with them.


But their real value was that they helped me get back to work.

Since then, I’ve been working pretty steadily, although not everything I have made has been successful. I experimented for a while with different body types, and produced an athlete — an aerial hoop dancer:


And the beginning of a voluptuous beauty (who, to date, is unfinished, but may yet have a future):


And a number of other experiments as well. I won’t bother sharing the rest of my various false starts and unsuccessful attempts. Suffice it to say that while I haven’t blogged in a while, I also haven’t disappeared. In my next post I’ll share the two pieces I’ve recently managed to complete. I hope you’ll like them. I do!

So that’s the news from my little corner of the world. I’ve missed you terribly, my darlings. It’s so nice to be back! Ta ta until next time!