Well, hello again darlings! I haven’t seen you since January — how did I let that happen? I don’t seem to be the world’s most prolific blogger, do I? But here I am again, checking in just to let you know what’s been going on in my world. I have been busy, I promise!

Let’s see, where shall I start? Oh — I absolutely can’t believe I didn’t tell you about it when this happened!

Remember Griselda, the old woman who sweeps the cobwebs from the sky? Well all the way back in September of last year she was my very first sale from my Etsy shop. I was sooooooo excited.

Then, just four days later, I had another sale!

And guess what? It was an international sale! Jack and Jill went all the way to Spain. You’d better believe I packed them up veeeeeeeeery carefully. Apparently they made it there safely, because the buyer left very nice feedback.

This year I’ve sold a few more dolls. One lovely person bought the Crooked Little Man,

and March.

So anyway — how about if I just give you a quick tour of the dolls I’ve done since my last post? Sound good? Okay.

Well, this business of reinterpreting childhood stories was pretty fun!

So, you remember Joanie, from my last post, right? She was an updated interpretation of a favorite Mother Goose rhyme. I wanted to portray a strong, independent little girl instead of a traditional one. I liked that theme, so next I decided to give Cinderella a bit of a makeover.

No fairy godmother needed here! Cindy’s got her own transportation and a bad-ass attitude. Look out Prince Charming!

I decided to tackle Little Red Riding Hood next. I’ve always thought the little girl in the story was kinda dumb, haven’t you? I mean, how do you mistake a big, hairy old wolf for your grandmother???

Not very grandmotherly, right?

Yeah. That’s what Red thought too.

So I call this one “You Didn’t Seriously Think I Was Going To Fall For That, Did You?”

After Red, my work took a slightly different turn. I was preparing to attend the annual conference of the National Institute of American Doll Artists (NIADA) in Kansas City. I’ve been to several NIADA conferences, and they are always fabulous. I love meeting the member artists and seeing their incredible work. There are also opportunities for non-member artists to show their work. One way is to make a doll in response to a themed challenge. This year the theme of the challenge was The Prohibition Era. So naturally I made flappers!

First was Fanny, who is most definitely not a good girl!

And then Della, who is a little more ladylike, but still wants to have a good time.

(As it turned out, I never got to the NIADA conference, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.)

That brings me to my two most recent pieces. Instead of interpreting childhood stories, I’ve just been having fun making happy, independent little girls lately. I keep hearing the Nora Jones song, “Spinning, Laughing, Dancing” when I’m working on these. They don’t really even have names — at least not at this point. They’re just about simple pleasures that everyone can identify with.

Getting soaked in an unexpected downpour and loving it. . . . . .

And finding a pile of autumn leaves that you just can’t resist kicking up into the air . . . .

Don’t these just make you want to smile?

Well, that’s it for today, darlings. I don’t know when we’ll see each other again. Hopefully sooner rather than later, but the truth is, I enjoy making dolls more than writing about making dolls, so we’ll see!

In the meantime, check out my re-designed website!

Oh, and keep an eye on my Etsy shop — I’ll dropping the prices on some of my old listings and adding some new ones over the course of the next few weeks.

Ta-ta for now!